INTERBOMBA, S.L. is a family firm  WHOSE ORIGINS DATE BACK to 1953, when Lorenzo Quílez Gimeno, together with another four founding partners created the Barcelona company named M.A.P.S.A. (Maquinaria y Accesorios de Precisión, S.A.), to buy and sell and manufacture machinery in general, for domestic and general industrial use.


it progressively specialized in production of positive displacement pumps. The first pumps manufactured were helical screw type (MAPSA pumps), which took their name from the recently-created company. Eccentric helical rotor pumps followed (PITON pumps). Both were successfully incorporated in production processes in various industrial sectors.

The consolidation of the product in the market and the company’s good performance enabled development of a new product,  the PRODUCTION OF WHICH STARTED IN 1978. These were rotary lobe pumps (LOBAL pumps).

At the end of the 1980s, the company was passed down to the second generation and was acquired in its entirety by Lorenzo Quílez Esteve, who focused on innovation and product development and adapted it to the changes required by the market, transforming it in 1992 INTO INTERBOMBA, S.L.

The company was acquired and transferred to a third generation of the family, María Ángeles Quílez, Lorenzo Quílez and Juan José Quílez, in 2007. They opted for greater vertical integration in its processes, which led to important manufacturing improvements, with the company becoming more flexible, agile and better adapted to the needs of customers. To rise up to this new challenge, they moved to new facilities and carried out the necessary internal restructuring. This new approach reaffirmed the company’s positioning in the market in which has been  FOR OVER 60 YEARS.



Progressing cavity pumps

since 1953


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